Janus is a FireFox add-on which adds a like/dislike bar under YouTube video thumbnails. Janus lets you see the like/dislike rankings before you click to watch the video, which lets you avoid the poorly-ranked videos even though they have a temptingly high hit-count.

Janus also gives you the option to completely hide thumbnails for videos whose dislike percentage is higher than a threshold that you choose. That way, those really poor videos don't even steal screen real estate.

You can download Janus from the Mozilla add-on site. The current version for Janus is v1.3.4.

Why the name Janus? Janus is the "two-faced god" in Roman mythology. As such, Janus is the god of gateways, of transitions (looking to both the past and the future), beginnings, and of deception. Thus, Janus represents:

  • the polarity of like/dislike ratings
  • having a view (portal) into a video's ratings before watching it
  • the sometimes deceptive disparity between a videos view ranking and its like/dislike rating
  • my first Firefox extention and my first published software
  • ... as a bonus, January is named for Janus, and v1 was published in January